Recommend Coming Here

I stumbled on this place randomly, and had my first session recently. I never heard of sea salt therapy before this. I do suffer from allergies, and have been having a sinus headache for a few weeks due to allergies. I decided to give it a try. The facility looked really clean. The lady at the front desk was really nice. There are no lockers, but there are cubbies to put your things in. They also have sea salt for sale. The salt room is relaxing, with rocking chairs, ottomans, and a tv displaying relaxing music/images. The lights are dim, and each chair has a reading light, a box of tissues, and a wastebasket. There are a total of 5 chairs, so 5 people can be in the room at one time.

My headache didn’t go away after just one session, but I felt relaxed after my session, especially since I could not bring my phone in for anything. I only noticed afterwards, that they had magazines you could take in with you. The salt made me cough at first for a few minutes, but then I settled into it. During my session, there were very sick-sounding people in there, which got tiresome to listen to after 45 minutes. It is only for this reason that I will have to think about coming back here- I’d like to limit my exposure to sick people and germs as much as possible, and this would be like the equivalent of the waiting room at a doctor’s office during flu season. I don’t know a solution for this- it is what it is. If you’re already sick, this won’t bother you, I guess. There is a private room you can book, but it’s more than twice the cost of the group room, too costly for me.

All in all, I would recommend coming here if you don’t care about germs or sick people. I still might go back one day, because I’m intrigued by it.

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