Our Process

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What to Expect

  • Schedule your session online or over the phone.

  • Show up 15 minutes before your scheduled session. This will allow you time to change and relax before your session.

  • Get comfortable and improve your health in one of our Sea Salt Therapy Rooms or Massage Rooms.

  • Checkout and book your
    next session.

Our Commitment

  • Sea Salt Theraphy Commitments

    Obtain sustainably sourced pharmaceutically graded salts for your safety and health.

  • Sea Salt Theraphy Commitments

    Prepare, sanitze and disinfect shoes bags, cell-phone cases, remote controls and toys for your health and safety.

  • Sea Salt Theraphy Commitments

    Wipe down and disinfect chairs, ottomans and shared spaces before your arrival for maximum cleanliness.

  • Sea Salt Theraphy Commitments

    Stay active in the Salt Therapy community and research for continued salt based services that can benefit your health.

Our Amenities

We have designed our center with your emotional, mental and physical health and safety as a top priority. Each room supports a relaxing and healing environment. Our center is ADA compliant and follows all mandatory protocol for Covid-19 safety and regulations.

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