Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower individuals and families to exercise skin and respiratory wellness through sea salt therapy as a foundation for healthy living.

We are dedicated to creating experiences grounded in holistic services that harmoniously integrate natural elements with modern technology.

Through these experiences, we believe that individuals and communities can restore,  improve and maintain their health and wellness leading to a better quality of life.

Our Values

  • Holistic Health

    Natural elements have been left behind in the perpetual pursuit of 'what's next'. It is our goal to balance technology with natural elements to promote a healthier lifestyle.
    We source products and provide services that are in alignment with holistic health.
    We value how technology can enhance our experience of natural elements.

  • Quality

    Time, research and effort go into our services, products and interactions.
    Our actions are based in truth and honesty.
    We know where our products are sourced, how they are made and why we stand behind them.

  • Community

    All of us are made from the same elements and require the same love to thrive.
    We are inclusive of all races, ages, gender, sexual orientation and personal beliefs.
    We are advocates for other holistic practices and health services.
    We engage in healthy relationships within the community.

  • Empower

    We believe that there is strength in moving forward together. Each individual has something to contribute to the collective journey. We believe that actions and words go hand in hand.
    Our thoughts, words and actions empower others to pursue healthy habits.
    We make decisions that promote growth within our communities, individuals and each other.
    We say what we mean, and mean what we say.

  • Experience

    We believe that consistent experiences have an impact on health and well-being. We strive to create a positive, safe and relaxing environment that contributes to a balanced lifestyle.
    We provide a safe environment in terms of cleanliness, acceptance and privacy.
    Our interactions with clients, staff members and the community reflect our core values.
    Our internal and external processes clear and easy to follow.


Avery Kinghorn


Janis Manacsa

Avery and Janis worked together for eight years in the residential remodeling industry as co-directors. During their time in upper management, they both observed that stress, lifestyle habits, and mindset played a big factor in the emotional wellbeing, physical health, and happiness of their staff, including themselves.

With their combined expertise and skillset in business development and management, they decided to embark on a journey together to promote holistic wellness through natural services. After an extensive amount of research and personally experiencing a variety of wellness services, they decided on salt therapy due to the simplicity and undeniable results of the treatment. They wanted to offer a service that would be convenient and easy for others to integrate into their lives.

“We know how much stress and a fast-paced lifestyle can contribute to poor health and mental fatigue”, Avery states. “We don’t want to just temporarily alleviate symptoms”, Janis adds, “ We want to empower others to love themselves through wellness. We want to build a supportive community around that type of mindset”.

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