Find Relief

Breathing Sea Salt particles over a consistent amount of time offers relief from a wide range of issues. Whether you are trying to
maintain your overall health or seek relief from more complicated symptoms, Sea Salt can offer temporary to long term relief.

  • Respiratory

    The effect of inhaling sea salt particles improves respiratory conditions such as asthma, COPD and bronchitis among other respiratory issues.

  • Sinus Issues

    Sea salt ions purify the air and detoxifies the respiratory system by reducing mucus. Find relief from sinusitis, headaches and allergies.

  • Skin Conditions

    Minerals in salt have moisturizing properties for the skin, providing relief for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and rashes.

  • Overall Health

    Improve sleep patterns, reduce stress and experience an increase in energy. Benefit from sea salt therapy during flu and allergy seasons.

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Select one of our two halotherapy rooms for your comfort and convenience. Schedule a medical massage for your
aches and pains. Combine medical massage with halo-therapy for a completely relaxing and healing experience.

Take Time To Relax

Taking time for yourself has never been easy. We get it.

That is why we have made it our mission to offer Salt Therapy as the ultimate gateway to holistic wellness. What better way to
promote natural healing than to relax while improving your health? That is literally all you need to do to begin your wellness journey.

In fact, our facility believes in the healing properties of rest and relaxation so much that we offer massage as an additional service to
pair with your salt room experience. Allow yourself this necessity…allow yourself to breathe.


We have been serving the Bay Area community for 10+ years.
Read about the benefits of Sea Salt therapy straight fom our clients!

What a wonderful and relaxing experience! My great experience started from the moment I booked my appointment with ease, then upon arrival my mom and I were warmly greeted and shown exactly how to check in and prep for our appointment in the salt room. Since this was our first real outing since Covid started, we were a little nervous, but there are lots of wonderful precautions being taken and we were at ease immediately. The salt room was bigger than I expected (a family could easily and comfortably fit), clean and extremely comfortable. I like that you have the option to dim the lights and watch television if you prefer (we enjoyed some Netflix during our session). This was the first time either my mom or myself have done salt therapy so we were not sure what to expect. It was an odd sensation, nothing painful in the least and I could actually feel my lungs expanding and my breathing getting better. After the appointment upon walking outside my breathing was night and day better and I could smell and taste so much better as well (I suffer from allergies so it was a big difference). 5 out of 5, can’t recommend enough!

So relaxing and refreshing!

Have been dealing with sinus and allergy issues for years have tried all types of medicine including Claritin, zyrtec, inhalers and even thought about surgery. None of which provided any long term solution, then I came across sea salt therapy and decided to give it a try. Within one visit I was able to breathe clearly out of both nostrils first time in years, I know thee is much more progress to come and I am excited to see the changes. Would highly recommend for anyone struggling with allergy/sinus issues.

Tyler R.

I purchased a Groupon to see if my allergies would improve. I didn’t use my Groupon until I caught a head cold & had 7 days to recover until I had to run the SJ Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon. Within the first 10 minutes of my first visit I could tell it was working. I was feeling congested with a bad sinus headache a few days later, so I made my 2nd appointment. What a relief! I felt so much better, sounded better and was able to sleep better. Unfortunately, I passed my cold onto my kids. I purchased them Groupons. I asked how it made them feel and they agreed, it reduced their congestion. We love this place! The kids get excited when I tell them they have an appointment. I highly recommend anyone to make an appointment here- You’ll love it!

Trish S.
Kids or Elders, All Love this place

I stumbled on this place randomly, and had my first session recently. I never heard of sea salt therapy before this. I do suffer from allergies, and have been having a sinus headache for a few weeks due to allergies. I decided to give it a try. The facility looked really clean. The lady at the front desk was really nice. There are no lockers, but there are cubbies to put your things in. They also have sea salt for sale. The salt room is relaxing, with rocking chairs, ottomans, and a tv displaying relaxing music/images. The lights are dim, and each chair has a reading light, a box of tissues, and a wastebasket. There are a total of 5 chairs, so 5 people can be in the room at one time.

My headache didn’t go away after just one session, but I felt relaxed after my session, especially since I could not bring my phone in for anything. I only noticed afterwards, that they had magazines you could take in with you. The salt made me cough at first for a few minutes, but then I settled into it. During my session, there were very sick-sounding people in there, which got tiresome to listen to after 45 minutes. It is only for this reason that I will have to think about coming back here- I’d like to limit my exposure to sick people and germs as much as possible, and this would be like the equivalent of the waiting room at a doctor’s office during flu season. I don’t know a solution for this- it is what it is. If you’re already sick, this won’t bother you, I guess. There is a private room you can book, but it’s more than twice the cost of the group room, too costly for me.

All in all, I would recommend coming here if you don’t care about germs or sick people. I still might go back one day, because I’m intrigued by it.

Em K.
Recommend Coming Here

This is a salt room spa. You walk in the room and it’s filled with salt, salt lamps and dim lighting. It is very relaxing from the start. For me it helps my air passages and congestion during allergy and cold seasons. It’s also fun to just give it a try, this is a truly unique experience!

Shannon Cath
Truly Unique Experience!

Great place to get your breathing difficulties improved. Salt therapy really works, give it a try.

Shahin Nourishad
Great Place & Service

Husband and I came to Sea Salt Therapy to have a relaxing date night and we definitely were treated with a very relaxing time at Sea Salt Therapy.

First and foremost, Janis and Avery who both own the business are AMAZING!! We came in and felt very welcomed as they greeted us as soon as we walked through the door. The reception area was very tidy, very welcoming and very bright. The overall feel I get from this business is warmth, cleanliness and relaxation. Janis was actually very cool to walk us through the entire facility to show us all the things Sea Salt Therapy offers and will offer in the future (massages).

As for the sea salt room that my husband and I relaxed in, it was so pretty! The walls were white covered with sea salt, the floor was covered in sea salt, the 5 adult chairs and 2 children’s chairs were placed spaciously in the room and even a TV for us to watch Netflix on! It was quite comfortable and once the sea salt started blowing in the room through a machine, it actually was pretty cool. We felt the effect of the sea salt in our noses almost immediately.

I definitely recommend Sea Salt Therapy for anyone who deals with allergies. It clears your sinuses and depending on the severity of your allergies, you may have to have more than 1 session and I am looking forward to my multiple date night sessions in the near future.

Tona Chan
Very Relaxing Time

If you have allergies, sinus infections, or even just a sinus headache, this is the place to go.. I used to get a lot of sinus colds, and still get a lot of allergies but after breathing sea salt for a few sessions I feel like I can breathe easily again. Just think about it, do you have allergies next to the ocean. I don’t!!

Cuinn H.
Must Visit This Place

This is a unique offering here in the bay area. The rooms are comfortable, relaxing and filled with therapeutic grade sea salts. The floor is salt, the walls are salt, and a fine mist of salt is diffused in the air helping to clear your sinuses and lungs. If you ha e ant allergies or respiratory issues this is a great holistic approach to supporting your body’s Healing system.

Monique Clark
Relaxing Atmosphere

The first time I went I really was unsure what to expect but after my first visit I felt really good. So I continue to go and suggest if you haven’t tried it yourselves you really should. It helps with my congestion, breathing and so on. It’s very peaceful and calming environment. I was so RELAXED. I really enjoy it

Kathleen Longorio
Very Good Experience

A friend recommended me this place and it did wonder to my allergies. I feel like I can finally breathe. Great customer service, Janis and Avery are great, they offered many suggestions and information and they gave us a tour of the place. Will be coming back for sure.

Patricia Hayakawa
Excellent, Excellent, Excellent

Janis and Avery, the owners are great. They are so easy to talk to and very accommodating. The place is beautiful and has a very relaxing ambiance. The room we were in was big enough to accommodate personal space for all of us. There is a tv for kids or adults to watch a movie too.
But the best part is that after the session, I felt so much better about my allergies. Breathing is always a problem for me, now I feel that I can breathe so much better. I will definitely be coming back.

Great Service

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