So relaxing and refreshing!

What a wonderful and relaxing experience! My great experience started from the moment I booked my appointment with ease, then upon arrival my mom and I were warmly greeted and shown exactly how to check in and prep for our appointment in the salt room. Since this was our first real outing since Covid started, we were a little nervous, but there are lots of wonderful precautions being taken and we were at ease immediately. The salt room was bigger than I expected (a family could easily and comfortably fit), clean and extremely comfortable. I like that you have the option to dim the lights and watch television if you prefer (we enjoyed some Netflix during our session). This was the first time either my mom or myself have done salt therapy so we were not sure what to expect. It was an odd sensation, nothing painful in the least and I could actually feel my lungs expanding and my breathing getting better. After the appointment upon walking outside my breathing was night and day better and I could smell and taste so much better as well (I suffer from allergies so it was a big difference). 5 out of 5, can’t recommend enough!

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