Very Relaxing Time

Husband and I came to Sea Salt Therapy to have a relaxing date night and we definitely were treated with a very relaxing time at Sea Salt Therapy.

First and foremost, Janis and Avery who both own the business are AMAZING!! We came in and felt very welcomed as they greeted us as soon as we walked through the door. The reception area was very tidy, very welcoming and very bright. The overall feel I get from this business is warmth, cleanliness and relaxation. Janis was actually very cool to walk us through the entire facility to show us all the things Sea Salt Therapy offers and will offer in the future (massages).

As for the sea salt room that my husband and I relaxed in, it was so pretty! The walls were white covered with sea salt, the floor was covered in sea salt, the 5 adult chairs and 2 children’s chairs were placed spaciously in the room and even a TV for us to watch Netflix on! It was quite comfortable and once the sea salt started blowing in the room through a machine, it actually was pretty cool. We felt the effect of the sea salt in our noses almost immediately.

I definitely recommend Sea Salt Therapy for anyone who deals with allergies. It clears your sinuses and depending on the severity of your allergies, you may have to have more than 1 session and I am looking forward to my multiple date night sessions in the near future.

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